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Jean K. Westin - Gainesville, Florida Paternity Lawyer

With more than fifteen years of Florida family law experience, Gainesville paternity and parent's rights attorney Jean K. Westin has a thorough understanding of many family law problems that have nothing to do with divorce. For additional information about your family law questions, contact her office in Gainesville.

Florida Paternity Issues. Although Jean Westin can represent either an unmarried mother seeking child support from the biological father or an unmarried father trying to establish a secure relationship with his child, in recent years she's been seeing more cases of men interested in meeting their parental obligations while formalizing their relationships and rights to their children.

Many Florida men are paying child support through garnishment by the Florida Department of Revenue, but those involuntary payments do nothing to give a man the right to a relationship with his own child. Florida paternity attorney Jean Westin can help by filing a "complaint to determine paternity and other relief." This begins a process that not only establishes biological fatherhood through DNA testing, but also defines the father's rights to parenting time, physical access, and visitation with his child.

The father can also get a voice in such important decisions as place of residence, education, or medical treatment. His access to school and medical records can also be protected. A judicial order establishing paternity and granting a recognized role for the father in his children's lives can protect a man from depending upon the children's mother to define his relationship with his own children.

Domestic Violence Cases. Gainesville domestic violence lawyer Jean Westin can represent either the complaining party or the defending party in cases involving domestic violence or family abuse. She can help obtain or defend motions for temporary restraining orders or injunctions. She can make a full investigation of the facts underlying the incident and make sure that her client's case is fully and persuasively presented in court.

To find out more about Gainesville family law attorney Jean Westin's ability to help with paternity, child support, parenting time, and domestic violence cases, e-mail or call her Gainesville office.

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