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Jean K. Westin - Gainesville, Florida Divorce Lawyer

If you're facing difficult questions concerning child custody or support, the valuation and equitable distribution of complex marital assets, or modification of an existing spousal support order, contact the skilled and experienced Gainesville divorce attorney Jean K. Westin. She's been practicing family law in the Gainesville area since 1989, and she's thoroughly familiar with all of the issues you're likely to face in a divorce case.

Alachua County child custody attorney Jean Westin can provide practical, clearheaded advice and vigorous courtroom representation on the following issues:

  • equitable distribution of the marital estate
  • negotiation of property settlement agreements
  • child custody and child support issues
  • parenting time and visitation arrangements
  • alimony or spousal support
  • mediation of contested issues
  • modification of prior orders or agreements

Gainesville marital property valuation attorney Jean Westin is also highly effective in the appraisal and distribution of marital assets such as 401k plans, pension accounts, and retirement benefit packages, such as Florida Retirement System (FRS) benefits and VALIC or TIAA-CREF investment accounts held by professional employees of the University of Florida. She also works with forensic accountants to identify the marital estate value of family businesses or professional practices.

Family law attorney Jean Westin can also discuss the possibility of collaborative divorce with you. She's found that this alternative to traditional dissolution proceedings can save time, money, and uncertainty for divorcing couples, even where their relationship is characterized by a high level of animosity.

For more information about what Jean Westin can accomplish for you, contact her by e-mail or telephone in Gainesville.

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