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Jean K. Westin - Gainesville, Florida Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Gainesville-Alachua County family law attorney Jean Westin is a Florida Bar-certified collaborative divorce practitioner. Contact her Gainesville law office for a free and confidential consultation about what collaborative divorce might mean for you.

Collaborative divorce has only existed for a few years in Florida, but has already proved to be an extremely effective alternative to traditional divorce. While each spouse in a collaborative divorce has his or her own attorney, both parties sign a participation agreement that commits them to their best efforts to resolve all property division, child custody, visitation, and alimony issues without going to court.

If the collaborative divorce does not succeed in resolving all issues and the parties find it necessary to go to court, both lawyers must withdraw from the case, thus requiring each party to obtain new counsel.

Most divorcing couples find that collaborative divorce resolves all outstanding issues with greater speed and less expense than traditional contested divorce proceedings. By committing to settle issues by means of agreement rather than litigation, the parties also eliminate the element of uncertainty that characterizes divorce litigation.

Gainesville collaborative divorce attorney Jean Westin can be highly effective even where the divorcing spouses mistrust or frankly despise one another. Where personal animosity interferes with constructive negotiation, either party can consult with a "divorce coach", who is a certified counselor skilled in returning a party's focus to the work at hand - a fair and fully informed of outstanding divorce issues.

Unlike litigated divorce proceedings, collaborative divorce allows an individual to control every aspect of their family's destiny. For more information about Jean Westin's ability to represent you in this cost-effective alternative to traditional divorce, contact her Gainesville law office.

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